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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

Alex came thundering down the hallway, at an extremely fast speed. He knew he was late for Math and couldn't bare thinking what Mrs. Glore had in store for him.

He sped round the corner and ended up colliding head first into the Math class door, he saw people inside there start to laugh as he picked himself up brushing his clothes down.

As people had always known him as a very angry person, they all expected him to do what he usually does, get mad.

"Im gonna beat the living **** outta that damn door!"

He booted the door and he became very hot, but was unaware of that. He stopped, looking through the small glass window into his class.
Alex gulped, but opened the dented door slowly, he held his nose in pain and entered the room.

"Uhh.. sorry im late miss I.." Alex couldn't think of a single excuse as he was clearly guilty of being late for class and wasting lesson time.

He sighed as he waited for the teacher to bombarde him with shouts and screams.
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