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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

-Alone- A.K.A Nick Mikamio

I thought you were gonna use Wormon and Veemon? One for your good part and one for your evil half...

Anyway, I liked your sign-up but it could definately use some expansion in a few areas. Your history only tells us one event from his early life, and though that part is nice, it would be even better if you could provide a few more.

I'm gonna say PENDING for now.


Originally Posted by kentucky_fried_torchic View Post
You have two partners? Could I have a second partner?
Who's you?

I have no problem with the idea of two partners, but DreamWalker thought that having two digimon to a person was overdoing it... unless of course you mean you want to have a different partner for each Ryan (Good + Evil).

I kind of bent (but didn't quite break) the rules by including another digimon who isn't actually partnered with anyone in particular.


Originally Posted by Eeveeking929 View Post
I'm sorry for the delay on my reservation. Any chance I can re-nstate it for forty-eight hours (I might not even need that much).
Of course, the time limit is only there so that people don't ask for a reserve and then forget about us.
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