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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Alright, sorry for lateness. Would this be a good time to sign up? XD

Name: Zanba Tezuka

Age: 16

Personality: Tezuka? Why are you asking me how Tezuka behaves? Maybe you should just see for yourself... then again, that's what an RP sample is for. Okay, enough drabble, on to filling out the field.

If you can say nothing else for Tezuka, he's helpful, if a bit overprotective. He's a bit archaic in his beliefs, holding to the old ideals that people are called to a certain career by a higher power for some greater good, definitely believes in a superior being, and holds that marriage is a sacred institution and therefore should not be subject to divorce outside of marital unfaithfulness. See? He's a regular nutball. He's a bit of a radical as well, going so far as to say that fighting without a cause is wrong, the mass media shouldn't enshrine certain (ahem) questionable practices as being acceptable, and believing that people are not basically good, even himself. He's a bit over-zealous with his beliefs on occasion, and his temper is fiery enough that he'll more then likely stalk away from somebody who doesn't agree with him rather then talk it out. Of course, like all people, he's human, and as such he has more then a few faults. He tends to give up to easily, then justifies his refusal to fight by saying that since things are pre-ordained, he wasn't meant to win. In addition, he often walks away from conflicts when he should stand up for himself and prove his point. He's a bit lazy as well, preferring to spend time talking or just walking around rather then working or doing anything productive. Though he wants to change the world for the better, he doesn't work towards the change himself, instead waiting on the sidelines for something to happen and spending his time daydreaming about the world as a better place. Still, when a friend is in trouble he tends to help them and if someone close to him is threatened he'll uncharacteristically stand up for them regardless of circumstances. As far as girls are concerned, he believes that they are most definitely not inferior to men, and in fact are deserving of special treatment, so he tends to act much more polite and refined around them. He wouldn't dream of asking a girl out on a date without asking her parents, not only because he's more polite then that but also because he tends to be nervous enough about their thoughts towards him that he'd rather wait until he's sure the attraction is mutual. He's a good enough actor that most girls don't notice that he's shaking in his shoes every time he says good morning, but he is.

Tezuka the darker on the other hand embraces his inner evil. He embodies everything the original Tezuka hates, transforming himself into a darker, more insane version of the original. He chases women (or would if this were a high-rated roleplay), disses true love as a reason for marriage, denies the existence of any life beyond this one, fights and kills for no reason, and does it all actively. He's a perfect example of human depravity. Of course, he has his redeeming side as well: he's much more dynamic and outspoken then the original Tezuka. Now if only he could transfer some of that over...

Appearance: Tezuka is about average height, and his hair is blue. Naturally blue. It's fairly long, and parts to the right. His eyes are blue as well, and are usually hidden by his sunglasses, and his skin tone is fairly tan. He doesn't suffer from acne for no clearly explainable reason, but his face does bear a single, x-shaped scar on his right cheek left by an angry neighborhood cat he rescued when he was six. He's not overly muscular but he isn't wimply looking or out of shape either. His clothing consists of a faux-leather jacket worn over a blue T-Shirt with white trim which bears the words "Dea Ex Machina: It's a plot device" in small print over his right pectoral. A pair of blue jeans rounds out his clothing, and are usually accompanied by a single silver chain dangling from the right pocket of his jacket. His usual shoes are a pair of sneakers, and at the time of his entry to the digital world he was carrying a wooden fencing rapier (see HISTORY).

Tezuka the darker, on the other hand, is dressed in the exact same clothes, but his "Dea Ex Machina" logo appears on the left side of his shirt, his hair parts to the left, his scar is on his left cheek and the single chain, which is now tarnished, dangles from his left pocket. His eyes are a much more menacing green, and his hair is red. In addition, his jacket is black, while the original Tezuka's is brown. Rather then a fencing rapier, he carries a wooden kendo. Both Tezuka are ambidextrous, but they tend to use opposite hands for writing or fencing. In addition, while both Tezuka are physically fit, Tezuka the darker is stronger and has more endurance while Tezuka the first is faster and has better hand-eye coordination.

History: Tezuka was raised by a pair of American parents who had relocated to Japan after the computer business they worked for moved overseas and Tezuka's father was placed in charge of the new branch. As such, Tezuka learned both Japanese and English, as well as a mix of traditional American and Japanese values. He went to a Japanese school, where a friend showed him videos taken of the Digimon crises in America and Japan years ao, and thanks to that Tezuka posesses a very basic knowledge of the existence of a digital world. However, that's not quite the point that needs to be made about Tezuka.

When he was ten, Tezuka was a complete physical wimp, preferring to stay inside and read then go out and play (this is partially the reason for his radical views). His parents attempted to get their young son involved in some sort of sport in order to toughen him up, and signed him up for a kendo class. The minute he arrived however, the young Tezuka was beaten savagely by a group of high school bullies who were monopolizing the gymnasium he had chosen to practice in. He was rescued, however, by a senior student wielding a wooden fencing saber, who effortlessly defeated all three kendo bullies. Tezuka was so impressed by this student that his rescuer became his role model, and Tezuka switched from kendo to fencing in order to further emulate him. In the six years that passed, Tezuka developed a friendship with Kenta, his rescuer, and began to pattern his worldview of that of his friend. When the digital world began to leak into the real world, Tezuka was waiting outside for his friend to show up for a practice session, carrying his fencing saber.

Digivice Color: Gold and Blue for Tezuka, Black and Silver for Bizarro Tezuka.

Digimon Partner:

Fresh: Kekmon
Appearance: At this early stage, Kekmon appears to be a small, teardrop-shaped being covered with golden fur with a pair of blue eyes and a small mouth. Her power is negligible.
Rainbow Spit: Kekmon fires a stream of rainbow-colored bubbles from her mouth and does minimal, if any, damage to the enemy.

In-Training: DemiKekkenmon
Appearance: DemiKekkenmon is about as large as the average stepping-stone, and possesses a body shape reminiscent of puffball with a tail. She now possesses a pair of owl-tuft-like ears and a beaklike mouth as well as its usual blue eyes. It has now gained enough power to attack an enemy digimon and deal damage. Just above the area between her eyes rests a green triangle.
Rainbow Spit x2: DemiKekkenmon fires a stream of rainbow-colored saliva into a digimon's face, blinding them long enough to follow up with an attack or run away in terror.
Charge: DemiKekkenmon charges at an enemy at full speed and bounces off of them, hopefully dealing some damage.

Rookie: Kekkenmon
Appearance: Kekkenmon appears to be some sort of furry dinosaur, since she has a basic body structure reminiscent of Agumon as well as a vaguely dragon-like head. However, her body is still covered by fur and she has retained her triangle marking, which has now been joined by three additional triangles arranged in such a way that all four form an upward-pointing triangle reminiscent of the "Triforce" of Legend of Zelda fame. Her arms are longer then those of Agumon and the claws on both hands, which are protected by a wrapping of leather strips, grip a pair of short rapiers which she utilizes in attacks. It now has small vestigal wings as well, which are red-and-gold in color. Her head, far from being shaped like Agumon's, instead echoes the shape of certain beaked dinosaurs due to her hard, beak-like mouth and the feathery crests protruding from the area around where her ears would be if she had visible ears. She is able to finally deal damage and seriously attack enemies, and has had her power boosted enough that she can hold her own for a few minutes with a champion-level digimon.
Dominating R-O-Y: Using the rapier in her left hand, Kekkenmon fires a barrage of thrusts at an enemy.
Repelling B-I-V: By moving her right-handed rapier in a quick, circling pattern Kekkenmon uses it to dissipate or block enemy attacks. The amount of energy required to perform this technique is directly proportional to the amount of energy in the technique being guarded against, so it is entirely possible for Kekkenmon to wear herself out or miss the guard entirely while using this attack.
G-Flare: Kekkenmon releases a burst of light from the mark on her forehead, blinding the enemy.

Champion: RaptorKekkenmon
Appearance: Kekkenmon's wings have now exploded into their full-scale twelve-foot, red-and gold wingspan glory, and she now stands head and shoulders above Tezuka. Her body structure now echoes that of a bipedal beast-type digimon, and to reflect the change her beak-like mouth has become a lion-like muzzle and her head now resembles that of a lioness. Her pyramid marking has now doubled itself and migrated to her left and right hands, each of which grips a full-size fencing saber, and her ears are now catlike and fully visible atop her head. In addition, RaptorKekkenmon now possesses darker, red-colored fur, and she has a visible lion-like tail. A sword belt hangs from her waist, giving her somewhere to stash her sabers.
H-E-A-V-E-N Shield: By performing a series of six cuts through the air and repeating them, RaptorKekkenmon creates a glowing golden field capable of absorbing most attacks, though once again it shares the weakness of Repelling B-I-V.
H-E-L-L Cutter: RaptorKekkenmon launches herself at the enemy and performs a series of high-speed slashes and barrages, indiscriminately cutting everything in her path to pieces.
R-A-I-N-B-O-W Blast: RaptorKekkenmon gathers massive amounts of energy from the sun and channels them through her wings, before releasing it from her mouth as a beam of multicolored energy. Obviously, the technique's main weaknesses are the time it takes to prepare properly and the requirement of solar energy.

Ultimate: HolyKekkenmon
Appearance: HolyKekkenmon's appearance is much the same as her previous form, but she has now gained a large, bushy main and stands upright much more easily. Her wings are now pink and golden, and each possesses a golden orb in its center. Rather then fencing sabers, she now carries a pair of broadswords, each one trimmed with gold. Her eyes have become violet, and she has gained a silver breastplate and leg armor, complete with new scabbards. Her left ear is now pierced with a set of silver earrings.
Blaze of Glory: HolyKekkenmon's broadswords burst into flames and she launches herself towards an enemy to attack with them.
Rainbow Ultimate: HolyKekkenmon launches a beam of multicolored light from the orbs on her wings, shattering everything within range.

Mega: IrisKekkenmon
Appearance: IrisKekkenmon's appearance is essentially the same as that of HolyKekkenmon, however she has now traded her broadswords for a single blade shimmering with multiple colors, and her wings are now rainbow-plumed. Her armor is now full-body and trimmed with a cape which changes color to match the attack she is using. Her pyramid markings are now absent, as originally they were in place to limit her power and prevent her from digivolving to mega level too early.
Red Pulsing: IrisKekkenmon launches herself at an enemy, thrusting her blade towards him at the rate of nearly five hundred thrusts per second.
Orange Flashing: IrisKekkenmon creates a series of orange flashes that blind the enemy from multiple angles.
Yellow Slashing: IrisKekkenmon fires a yellow scythe of energy from her blade.
Green Healing: IrisKekkenmon thrusts her blade into the earth, using data stored within it to heal herself or others.
Blue Rising: IrisKekkenmon gathers energy into her blade and performs a leaping attack capable of splitting the ground below her.
Indigo Field: IrisKekkenmon creates a field around her body capable of trapping an opposing Digimon who comes into contact with her, effectively immobilizing them.
Violet Finish: IrisKekkenmon gathers the cumulative energy of her body into her sword and channels it into one thrust, effectively destroying anything it hits but leaving her entirely drained afterwards.
Rainbow Fencing: IrisKekkenmon performs all of the above attacks in order, increasing the power of each one in sequence. She is unable, however, to change the order they are used in when using them as a piece of this technique.

Personality: Kekkenmon is a bit of a troublemaker, playing tricks on her partner and constantly joking with him. While Tezuka hasn't noticed yet, she seems to have some sort of strange Digimon-to-human crush on him, which while unrequited by Tezuka also gives him some leverage when he orders her to hold back when she would rather fight.

Dark Partner: (I'm using an existing line for this one just because I'm tired. XD)

In-Training: Tsunomon
Acid Bubbles: Tsunomon fires Acid Bubbles. Big whoop.

Rookie: BladeDracmon
Appearance: Dracmon appears to be a rag-doll like puppet with a black, sack-like head covering. His real face is grey, and characterized by a sadistic grin and his real eyes are concealed by a pair of mismatched red and green eyes that appear to be drawn onto his head covering. His hands are also marked with eye symbols, and his body is humanoid. The Dracmon belonging to Bizarro Tezuka wields a pair of daggers, is dressed in clothing resembling that of a medieval page, and can be considered a unique subspecies, though its digivolution line doesn't differ.
Twin Dagger: BladeDracmon hurls its daggers as an offensive attack. They are able to boomerang back to his hands after being thrown.
Undead Fang: BladeDracmon bites the enemy and siphons energy
Eye of Nightmare: BladeDracmon uses the eyes on his hands to temporarily hypnotize weaker Digimon.

Champion: Sangloupmon
Blade Sticker: Sangloupmon hurls thousands of blades from its mouth and the blades on its legs.
Black Mind: Sangloupmon dissembles its own data and melts into the opponent's shadow.
Dissembling Grey (Bizarro Tezuka's Sangloupmon only): Sangloupmon breathes a grey mist that disorients and confuses anyone who wanders into it, making them easy prey for his fangs.

Matadormon: Matadormon
Butterfly Trumpet Kick: Matadormon kicks out using his unique dance style, burudoggu.
Thousand Arrow: Matadormon launches thousands of blades from its arms.
Matador Finisher Fazing-X: Matadormon launches himself at an opponent and uses his blades to slash away at their data, absorbing it.
Matador Finisher Black (Bizarro Tezuka's Matadormon only): Matadormon creates a realm void of light around himself and the opponent, in which they cannot differentiate between spacial relationships accurately while he can.

Mega: Piedmon
Appearance: Piedmon
Trump Sword: Piedmon hurls the swords on his back, which he can mentally control.
Clown Trick: Allows Piedmon to perform various skills modeled after the abilities of a clown, such as disguising himself or causing objects to appear. It also gives him Telekinetic abilities.
Final Spell: Piedmon fires a sonic blast that is able to mortally injure anyone caught in it.
Blank (Bizarro Tezuka's Piedmon only): Piedmon causes everything within a twelve foot radius of his body to dissolve, including himself. Using this technique forces him to revert to his in-training form.

Personality: BladeDracmon and Bizarro Tezuka were made for each other. They are literally alike in everything they do, posessing almost perfect teamwork and synchronicity in all their actions. BladeDracmon is a sadist, and therefore expresses his love for Kekkenmon by attempting to cause pain to her at every oppurtunity, and in general enjoys hurting people. Due to his unique status among Dracmon, his digivolved forms have each gained a unique technique that serves as a counter to the rainbow-inspired powers of Kekkenmon.

Alright, we're done. And yes, Tsunomon usually digivolves into Gabumon, but in Digimon World DS he has Dracmon as an alternate form so I took a few creative liberties based on that.
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