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Default Re: Pokelord's Judging Journal

Normal Rank Beauty Contest

Wolfgirl6 with Houndoom
Ataro with Milotic
Diesel 34 with Glaceon
RET412 with Goldeen

All the coordinators played strategically, except RET412, who didn't even post his moves.
In the end, there was a tie between Glaceon and Houndoom, but Houndoom won due to blocks.

Houndoom – 333 Points (1st)
Glaceon – 250 Points (2nd)
Milotic - 220 Points (3rd)
Goldeen – 0 Points (4th)

Wolfgirl6 wins and gets $2000+Ribbon.
Diesel gets $1500.
Ataro gets $1500.
RET gets $1000.
I should get $2000 for judging.




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