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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Originally Posted by Exophi View Post
Eeveeking929 as Cole Alek Reiken

Good. Try to make your posts in the role-play come a little bit faster than it took you to complete the sign-up.

Just buggin' you, glad to finally have you with us. You're ACCEPTED, though both DreamWalker and I found
that your decision to use variations of digimon that people have already selected to be in bad taste...

You don't have to change, it would just be polite...
Yeah, well, I've been saving ShadowAgumon and ShineGabumon in my magic box of made-up Digi's for too long. Besides, of all my Digi-creations, they're my favorites, and I wanted Digimon with connections.
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