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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Originally Posted by bekah_the_pikachu View Post
I may try this :D It looks very fun :D I just don't understand the good/dark thing. Are the seperated or in the same person? Can you explain a bit more :P
Well, the point is that eventually your character will be split into a dark side and a good side, and they may have the same line of digimon, or they can have different lines. Most people have been doing different lines. Usually the character is exactly the same, but I have seen that some minor phyiscal changes have been made between good and dark sides. Also, the good digivice is white + another color, then the dark digivice is black + another color. The RP has started, by the way, but it's still in the beginning stages. We need some action from the writers as quickly as possible, so if you're going to put in a SU, please do so quickly. I'd love to see what you've got to write, though.

Originally Posted by someonerandom View Post
(my sign-up. When, I'm accepted I plan to add more attacks, since most of the info. is from wikipedia.)

Name: Luke Walker
Age: 14
Luke has straight, long, light-brown hair. He has sky blue eyes with normal skin color. His hair often covers his right eye, but he never does anything about it. Luke occasionally wear's his white plain t-shirt with blue jeans. Luke prefers to wear sneakers, but if neccessary he will change his shoes. Now, his sneakers are black with red and blue zigzags all over it. If it gets cold, he wears his navy blue, leather cloak. Luke's about the average height for his age. He also weighs about average as well. Therefore, Luke isn't really scrawny or very muscular. But, Luke is a quick runner, due to his running away from people.

Looking at Luke, the shy personality and lonely look, often makes you wonder why is he so shy? Luke Walker was definitly shy. He rarely ever talks, only when neccessary. But, still most people would like Luke to talk more, yet he would often hide. He's quite smart, but no one really knows because he doesn't talk at all. Some people think that he's a mute, but he's not.

Although, Luke is not much of a talker. Luke is more of a drawer and thinker. Luke would often spend his days drawing or painting. He never shows anyone his drawings because he's afraid that people might laugh at him. The only person that seems to understand him is his art teacher, Mrs. Cornell. She would often try to get him to talk, while helping him develop his artistic side. Yet, even still his art teacher knows almost nothing about him.

Not a lot of people know a lot about Luke, since he doesn't talk to anyone. People are not sure does he even have a family because if he did his parents should get him to talk more. People would often make fun of Luke because he doesn't talk. Hey, its not his fault that he doesn't want to talk to people. Although Luke doesn't talk to people, he seems to draw a lot of weird creatures. Most of his drawings looks like its associated with the sun and moon.

Evil Luke:
He is completely the opposite. He loves to talk and talk and talk. He isn't really evil, but he does seem like it. This Evil Luke isn't particually shy, but he is more social the normal Luke. Luke had basically no intentions of evil, so Evil Luke barely has any evil in him. His only intention is to take over the world and make Luke talk. (Exactly not partically the evilest guy around.) His style of clothes is exactly the same, except all the white turns to black.
History:Luke was born into a poor family. His parents would often work their hardest to just to support the family. Eventually, his parents had a baby, so Luke got a baby sister. Life was very peaceful, all until his mother divorced from his father. His father had stole three-thousand dollars from Luke's mom and had used it to gamble. His father didn't want the family to divorced, but Luke's mother decided it was for the best. This had all happened, when Luke was seven.

Eventually, she met a new man. Luke and his sister automatically hated him. They knew he was trouble from the start. Eventually, their prediction would come true. However, life was slowly reverting back to a peaceful life, until his mother had another baby. It was a girl. Luke wasn't partically happy, but he accepted the new sibling. Life however was not easy, the family had to move again. As his family moved on and on and on, Luke started to get more shy because he knew partically no one at his school.

When he was in the seventh grade, Luke's mother broke up with the new man. She found out that he was cheating on her. She decided to take all the children and decided to move away. However, the third child would often cry out for her father, but he only visisted once per week. The youngest really annoyed everyone in the family. It was as if she was the mini-version of the other man. She would often yell and cry, thus ruining Luke's tranquil home. However, in his past times, Luke would often see creatures that kept on appearing in his life. For ex, one time when he was getting the mail, Luke had already misplaced the key, but he shortly found it on the floor. However, the key was a bit singed. Luke thought this was strange because why was the key burned.

Throughout his current eight grade year of schook, Luke started to actually talk more. He found a group of kids, who felt exactly what he was feeling. Life was pretty swell, Luke was starting to talk a bit more, while showing the side people were finally awaiting for. Luke was really starting to show his true colors. Eventually, he started to make some friends, while winning his school's art competiton. His drawing was a picture of some weird creatures that seemed to have represent the moon and the sun.

Life was all good for the Walkers. One day though, Luke was bored. It was a Saturday, and all of his friends were gone on a vacation. Having nothing to do, Luke decided to go the library. He had read almost every book in the library, except there was one section that no one could go. Only the librarian could go in it. Luke however was bored, and he was willing to take a risk. He slowly approached that section, while hiding behind a couple of bookcases to shield himself from the librarian. After finally going in, Luke found an intersting book. It's name was "The Digi Wo." Luke couldn't read the rest because the writing was a bit scratched out. He slowly opened the page, and read out the words "The Digital World." The librarian had left for a break, so Luke had the book pretty much to himself. Meanwhile, something was watching him. Luke had felt a strange presence over him, he looked behind him there was nothing. The next thing he knew a little moon-like creature was right in front of him.

The creature said, "Hi, my name is Moonmon." Luke was a bit surprised. This creature looked like one of his drawings, and how did this "moonmon' get here. Then it said," Hello, Luke I've been waiting a long time to meet you." It didn't have hands, but Luke could tell that it was a nice creauture; even though it knew his name. Eventually, Moonmon told him everything about a world called "The Digital World." Throughout that day, Luke had made a new friend called Moonmon.
Digivice Color: Red and Gold for evil Luke. White and Silver for good Luke.

Digimon Partner (Good form):
Baby Form: Moonmon (baby version)
Appearance: looks like its in-training form, but its smaller and weaker
Aqua Shield: Moonmon surrounds itself in a watershield. It can reflect enemies attack back.

In-Training Form: Moonmon
Light Blow: She blows out bubbles that can blind the enemy
Aqua Shield Improved: Similar to the original shield, but Moonmon can make water bubbles to go out and attack the enemy.

Rookie Form: Lunamon
Appearance: can be found in this link: Right under Moonmon
Luna Claw: Attacks by using her claws of which power of darkness filled in.
Tear Shoot: Concentrates her power to the antenna and shoots a graceful water ball to the opponent.
Lop Ear Ripple: Rolls her ears and releases foam swirls to wind the opponent.

Champion Form: Lekismon
Moon Night Bomb: Throws against the enemy with a water bubble created by her 'Moon Gloves'. It can cause the enemy to fall asleep.
Tear Arrow: Shoots the enemy with a pretty ice arrow from the stickup on her back.
Moon Night Kick: Jumps up high and comes down quickly to give a strong kick.

Ultimate Form: Crescemon
Lunatic Dance: Uses steps like dancing to delude the enemy, then uses her weapon Nuova Luna to slash.
Ice Archery: Change the Nuova Luna into bowgun form and releases ice arrows.
Dark Archery: Change the Nuova Luna into bowgun form and releases arrows of dark energy.

Mega Form: Dianamon
Crescent Haken: Slashes the enemy after deluding them by creating illusions using the mystic power of the moon.
Arrow of Artemis: Shoots the enemy with sharp ice arrows from the stickups on her back.
Goodnight Moon: Releases moonlight from the "Goodnight Sisters" on her legs, causing her enemy to fall asleep.

Digimon Partner Personality:
She is similar to Luke. She's very shy and rarely talks. She mostly talks to Luke. Luke's digimon partner is very kind, it seems she would never even hurt a fly. At night time, she loves to be out flying around. She's at her strongest, when the moon is out.

Digimon Partner (evil form):
Baby Form: Sunmon (baby version)
Appearance: It looks exactly the same as its in-training form, but its very small and weak.
Flame Roll: Surrounds itself in fire and starts to roll around

In-Training Form: Sunmon
Flame Blow: Blows flames from his mouth
Flame Roll (2): Surrounds itself in fire and starts to roll around. Unlike the baby version, Flame Roll (2) makes sunmon split into halves for 2 fire wheels.

Rookie Form: Coronamon
Appearance: can be found in this link: He's right under Sunmon
CoroKnuckle: Punches enemies with his flaming fist.
Corona Flame: Shoots fire from his forehead.
Petit Prominence: Winds his whole body with fire to defend or tackle the enemy.

Champion Form: Firamon
Flame Dive: Winds his whole body with fire and comes down quickly from the sky to tackle.
Fira Claw: Winds his front leg(s) with fire and scratches the enemy.
Fira Bomb: Uses his full power to shoot fire bombs from the forehead.

Ultimate Form: Flaremon
Crimson Beast King Wave: Centers the spirit of lion and fire at his fist and releases a lion-shaped energy wave.
Red Lion Dance: Winds his fists and legs with fire and give the enemy punches and kicks at a high speed.
Refreshing Roar: Turns the fire into a purifying shockwave and releases it with a roar to dissolve the enemy's data.

Mega Form: Apollomon
Sol Blaster: Releases "sun balls" which are even hotter than the fireball on his back.
Phoebos Blow: Concentrates his power to launch a deadly punch.
Arrow of Apollo: Releases fiery arrows continuously from the two jewels on his hands.
Digimon Partner Personality:
He is pure evil. He loves to play tricks on the good Luke, while forming plans with Evil Luke. He seems to be the missing evil, that Evil Luke needs. He loves to have fun and be in the sun. He's at his maximum power, when the sun is out.
Okay, I like the idea, but the grammar leaves a lot to be desired. There are many run-on sentences and a plethra of dangling and misplaced conjunctions. I suggest running this through Microsoft Word, or maybe just reading it aloud.

Along with that, the character's introduction to Digimon kind of contradicts the plot-line that's made out in the initial sign up post. You should revise that, and definitely put in some stuff about where your character is, and the problems from the two worlds starting to meld into each other.

I'll wait to see what Exophi thinks about this before deciding to put your SU as pending or reserved.

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

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