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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

IC: My body was pretty much invisible to me now. I had moved so deep into the fog that I could hardly see my hand when I touched it to my nose. The gravel earth had gown completely flat. Was I under the school? The building had been undergoing massive renovations, so it was entirely possible. I tried feeling around for something, even a wall would have been welcomed. There was nothing other than the floor to guide me. Okay, now I know that I'm in trouble.

Sounds of the monsters' fight had long since dissipated. There was no sound or light where I was now. The situation brought my mind to the topic of death. Is this what it would be like to die? It reminded me of the second layer of hell, as described in The Divine Comedy. Other than the fact that I was plagued by a never-ending ocean storm it seemed the same. There was no real source of light anymore. A wind-like sound had begun, but there was no real force of wind around me.

The endless path of fog carried on, hence its endlessness. "Hello?" I called out desperately, wanting out. The lack of life made me nervous, "Armadillomon?" Nothing, not even an echo of my voice came back to me. "Please, somebody say something," I called out weakly.

A light flickered, penetrating the clouded walls that had imprisoned me. I ran towards the light. Multiple movie moments made their way into my mind, Don't go into the light. I headed on, ignoring the voice at the back of my head. You have to hold on, don't go into the light, it called again. Quiet up, I'm going whether you want me to or not. This happened often in my mind, where I'd distract myself from the current situation by talking to myself. The dim light pulsated and a wave of calmness filled my body, how could this light be evil? At the same time I was filled with dread by the very concept of the light, it seemed like whatever was causing it wanted nothing more than to cause me harm.

Again, the light pulsed.

I felt extreme pain as a glowing wave passed over me. It must be necessary to enter the digital world, I assured myself. Finally I reached the orb and grasping for it I fell face first into a pleasant meadow. Without thinking I pulled myself to my feet and ran to the center of the meadow, if anyone was looking for me this would be the easiest place for me to be found.

As the glowing wave of the light passed over my body it felt as though I were being burned. I'm staying away from that light at all costs, I convinced myself. Without much added thought I sat down in the blind area that was the connection between the two worlds. If anyone wanted to find me, they could search me out by coming here themselves. If people didn't care enough to look here than why should I care about them?

I experienced both of these scenarios at the same time, each ending with a final burst of light which blasted me unconscious. I had lost something in my entry to this world. For now, I couldn't tell what was missing.
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