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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

"Digivolved?" I said with a startled look on my face. "What's that?"

"It's when a Digimon becomes strong enough to go to the next stage." Bo, I mean Koromon, answered. He then focused his attention back on the bunny and began to charge. I was shocked, and I'm guessing that the Gazimon was too. Koromon latched on to the blue creature's face and began to spit pink bubbles at him.

"Gah!" the digimon yelled as he tried to pull the pink fluff ball away from his face. Then he screamed a bloodcurling scream and began to fade away into nothingness. And from the nothingness came a bright light that settled in my hand.

The light faded and I was left with a blue and white watch like device. "What's this?" I asked Koromon suspicously. But he wasn't Koromon anymore.

He was spinning around rapidly and was surronded by streams of data. "Koromon digivolve to..." he said and the small pink fluff ball was replaced by a sleek, muscular, two legged lizard "BlackAgumon."
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