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Default Re: ST vs Pikablu Pie vs Groudon_fan vs Ataro - Normal Rank Smart Contest

Originally Posted by djax94 View Post
If atf is having problems getting on here, I could step in. If Ataro is willing to stay, and we can find someone to take Groudon Fan's place, we can continue.

I said we, when right now I'm no part of this contest. XD
I really don't mind if only we can get this thing moving and done. I expect a forum contest to be very long, but not really that inactive. True enough, ATF does not comes on Pe2k everyday, and post in a few days time, but if we the coordinators are active enough, everytime he comes back, I suppose he just post? And we'll just have to wait 5 times? I'm not really sure if Pikablu Pie and ST have sent their moves to the judge, but I'm guessin' you could go pm ATF and ask him? And I'm gonna stop here before I sound like a total noob.
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