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Default Pokemon- The war of the roses.

The year is 2100, Pokemon have begun to seperate themselves by joining Groups or gangs. But there are only 2 choices. The White Rose or The Red Rose. These two Gangs started a few years earlier. When the two leaders got into a major disagreement. The leader of the White Rose an ambitious Cyndaquil named Maxs, Had an huge argument with his best Friend: Buckweed, the Scyther. The dispute was over something very trivial. They were going to a funeral, Maxs wanted to give the person who had died a white rose. However, Buckweed wanted a red rose. They only had enough for one rose. Maxs finallly gave in and let Buckweed get the red rose. But, Maxs didn't like the way he had been treated: Buckweed had always got what he wanted. He ran away from home and inlisted the help of some friends of his to destroy Buckweed. When Buckweed heard of this via a nosey Murkrow, he stayed put and got the help of his friends to form a counterattack: The Red Rose. This is how the war of the roses began. They are now desperately looking for members to acccomplish one goal: To destroy the rival gang. But each gang has a new potenial member: YOU. Choose which side you want to be on, the white rose, or the red rose. Give a Bio of your Pokemon, and which side you wish to be on. THE CHOICE IS YOURS............................................. . You will also be able to interact with other gang members and rivals alike, like secret allliances or meetings in the streets, or maybe the ultimate disgrace in this world: Betrayal. Staioned in the great burrow underneath New Bark Town,The White Rose's main base, Maxs plans his next move, while in the Azelea Forest, the Red Roes's main base, Buckweed anxiously awits help.

1. No foul language.
2. Fairness is golden.
3. Every Pokemon MUST start out at its lowest form and work its way up.
4.No legendaries.
5. Once the role play has started it may not let anyone else in.
6.Have fun!

11 9

I shall play the role of Maxs and someone else can play the role of Buckweed. Here is Maxs bio:

Name: Maxs
Allignment: White rose
Appearence: A normal Cyndaquil, but instead of blue fur, he has white fur.
Distinguishing Marks: The spiraling Circle on his chest.
Attacks: Smokescreen,Ember,Dig,Swift.

Bio: Maxs was the youngest child. His older brother Mattix, a Squirtle, had gone away on a journey. Maxs was left all alone, no one to play with. He began to crave friendship. On morning he found a wounded Scyther in the yard. He took it to the old Blissey across the street and had it healed. When it woke up. It said his name was Buckweed. This was the starting point of their friendship. Maxs was like any other Cyndaquil; Timid. But through his experience with Buckweed and the Red Rose, he has found true courage. Since his arguement with Buckweed, his new best friend is a Luxray named Zari. He treats the members of his team as he would his friends.
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