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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

With Commandramon gone and my voluntary minions having been turned back into data, I didn't have much to go on for a next plan untilCommandramon returned. BlackGuilmon was acting rather oddly in my opinion. He was thinking too much, or at least alot more than he normally did. I didn't pay much attention to this. The sun had come up, and me wearing what I was was a sure fire way of getting noticed. With the ring around his neck gone, BlackGuilmon looked odd. What he said before did get me thinking as well.

What if he is wrong and we've been doing something wrong this whole time? No, if that were so, the Hypno's would have...maybe they couldn't, but...wait, no, they have the means, they could have come after us. I argued to myself. But with the incident that happened before, then perhaps-no, they recovered, and thats as plain as snow is white.

I was at a battle with my own head. It was like I had two different personalities in there and all I wanted was the one I had before in my mind so I could focus.

"I watched him."

I snapped back into reality as BlackGuilmon spoke.

"That other Guilmon, him and his Tamer are fearful of what we do. They hid from Dorugamon" He explained.

"Then it should be that way. He won't be harmed if he stays hiding from us like a coward." I responded. "Keep watch, I need some rest. We'll go again later today."

BlackGuilmon said nothing, but was somewhat confused with my behavior. He still did as he was told an hid up in a tree across from the one I had climbed up on to slep in.

What is the matter with her? She's acting strange. Maybe its because were in her world now and she isn't used to it yet. I'll have to wait. He thought.
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