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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

What the newcomer had said had more or less insulted me and my morals.

Of course I'm running! The guy is twice the size as me and Guilmon put together!

It was nice that he was offering help, but I was rather bothered by his approach. I took the card that he handed to me, rather confused by it. Despite all the effort I had taken into memorising the cards that had been seen being used in the past fifty years, I didn't know anything about this card.

Then another flash of annoyance resurfaced.

"What do you mean, 'it's not cool?' " I demanded. "What does cool have anything to do with it? We're protecting our lives! I care a lot about digimon, and I'm not going to jump foolishly into a battle that I know I can't win! We destroyed two other digimon, but this one has proven stronger than both of us combined! What do you expect us to do? Throw our lives away carelessly?" I took a moment to breathe deeply. I closed my eyes, gripping Guilmon's arm gently. "I thank you for your help, but I just don't have any real world experience with this." I held the card back to him, seeing if he would retrieve it or not.

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