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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

Before I could go any further into my rant, a giant ball of energy appeared above us as Noah forced his digimon to turn into a pure attack.

My mind raced.

What do I do then?

Guilmon growled a bit, jumping up to protect me from the blast.

"It's now or never then, huh?" I muttered.

I flipped out the digivice, alligning the card with the slot on it.

"DIGI-MODIFY!" I shouted, dragging the card through the device, as I had always dreamed of doing since I first found out about the digimon appearances. "WAR-GREYMON'S BRAVE SHIELD!"

Guilmon growled in suspense, a massive shield shimmering into existence before him, attached to his arms. It looked identical to the one that I had seen in the pictures of WarGreymon in the disturbances in the real world oh so long ago.

"Hold on!" Guilmon shouted as the attack collided with the shield.

I jumped up, forgetting entirely about the other guy. Taiki, I believe I had heard before.

I leaned in against Guilmon's back, trying to be support for him. As the attack collided with him, it pushed us back a few feet, my legs and feet screaming with pain as I tried to hold back the attack with my digimon.

Humans have previously been too dependant on their digimon. It's my turn to help out before it becomes a routine.

I roared in effort as we both did our best to stave off the attack. "AARRRGH!!"

OOC: I googled the card, and this is the only modify card that I could come up with. Hope it's the one you had in mind ^-^;;

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

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