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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: I was going for the Dramon Destroyers, but that worked nicely.

IC: I watched in awe as my card was put to use in a way different then I had imagined. So, it was possible for cards to be used in more ways than one. Well, I'm more of an offense guy myself anyway.
"Nice job Ian. Now, allow me to show you the offensive side of that card." I looked up, and saw that Dorugamon was still up in the air. It seemed that Daggermon had already recovered from it's mishap with BlackGrowlmon, and was ready for some more fighting. "Digi-modify!" I shouted, pulling out a card. "Digivolution!"
"Daggermon Digivolve to... BLADEMON!" Daggermon had once again assumed the form of a metal wolf.
"And now, for a bit more potency, Digi-modify!" I pulled out my other WarGreymon card and swiped it through. "WarGreymon's Dramon Destroyers, Activate!" Blademon's front paws became similar in shape and color to WarGreymon's, and took on a glow. "And now, just so we can reach, Digi-modify! Imperialdramon's Wings Activate!" The wings of Imperialdramon appeared on Blademon's back, allowing him to become airborne, which he promptly did. "Now, let's get them!" Blademon dashed towards Dorugamon, screaming "Terra Force!"

OOC: In order to defend that, I will remind you that most cards gave the Digimon the attacks of the Digimon on the card.
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