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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Name: Angus
Species: Munchlax
Allignment: White rose
Appearence: wears a black belt with a golden button in the shape of a hammer, other then that hes a fat little munchlax
Distinguishing Marks: Hammer shaped birthmark on his belly
Attacks: Icebeam, siezmic toss, Body slam, Rage

Bio: Like usual Munchlax. he is always hungry. and will do what ever it takes to get more food. though when not looking for food, he enjoys playing "games" with freinds or foes. these games will vary.
Munchlax also has a slight learning disability and will spend more time thinking about decisions. but this doesn't affect how he fights. using what he learned while fighting his siblings for the extra snacks. he has become a great powerhouse.

he likes apples. ALOT.

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