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Talking Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Verdana"]Name: Jason
Allignment: White rose
Appearence: Normal except when he sings it's peanut butter butter jelly time he turns yellow
Distinguishing Marks: He has thick black marks likes these on his back---> \ /
\ /
\/ except they don't don't have skips in them
Attacks: Razor wind,Dark Pulse,Shadow Claw,and Theif

Bio: He is an 11 year old who get's into trouble,when a lil kid he had Aladin's story of being a theif and junk,he then met a Todadile who then became his best friend and still are and he loves him as a friend,can also be a perve sometimes...and get's very annoying sometimes

Name: Anth
Allignment: White rose
Appearence: A normal Todadile except when he sings it's peanut butter jelly time he turns purple
Distinguishing Marks: Half red circles around his eyes
Attacks: Watergun,Aqua Tail,Ice Beam,Super Power

Bio: A kid who's parent's were murdered before his eyes and he seeked his revenge since and later meets Jason and they become best friends,cause they act the same acept Jason is a Perve and Anth hides his love feelings and acts stupider as Jason who is more smarter and is more nice but barely nicer,and Anth loves whoever Jason likes secretly...

The secret is the answer
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