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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy!

Ah, what the heck?

Name: Mikayla Moore

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearence -Click-

Reason for coming to the Academy: To become a great trainer, meet new people, make new friends, etc

Personality: Mikayla never really has been the outgoing type, but, after entering in to her teenage years, this slowly began fading away. Though a bit of shyness still remains, she's about as outgoing as a fiteen year old girl should be.

Being an aspiring trainer, Mikayla loves to compete in battles with her Pokemon, and has learned to be a pretty good sport if she loses, though failure never has and probably never will come easy to her.

When it comes to school she's actually a pretty smart student, but doesn't usually let it show publicly, unless a test or something of that sort is given.


Starter: Torchic

Eevee Evolution: Flareon

Fossil Pokemon: Sheildon (OMG, I have no idea what that is...)

Mini Legendary: Metagross

Baby Pokemon: Bonsly

Random Pokemon: Pikachu

((Tell me if there's anything I need to edit))
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