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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy! [1 Spot Left]

Sign Up Form

Name: sarah bass

Age: 13


Hometown:lavaridge city

Appearence: (3+ lines or picture) i am the third girl

Reason For Coming To The Academy: wants to learn how to be an awsome cordenator/battle and hopes to run the first contest/battle gym

Personality: (3+ lines or picture)she is a fun loveing student whos hard to get along with but if you get on her good side you will be the best of friends shes prepy has a great scens of humer loves to shop always wears bluse pants nad a shirt or spegety straps
never knows when to give up and alway is on the move cant keep track of her and she kinda has a bad temper dosnt like to be asked alot of questions


Starter: chikorita

Eevee Evolution: Leafeon

Fossil Pokemon: Lilleep

Mini Legendary: Milotic

Baby Pokemon: happiny

Random Pokemon: vespiqueen

omg plesse exept more people i mean i really want to be in my first rpg this seams like a good one so if you plsse would except me and it dosnt matter if i have the same pokemon as someone esle i should have to have the opiste so plz except me

Made by me

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