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Default Re: Pokemon Trainer Academy! [1 Spot Left]

omg omg could i join?ill do the form right now.

Sign Up Form

Name: Jack

Age: 11

Gender: male

Hometown: eterna city

Appearence: (3+ lines or picture)

Reason For Coming To The Academy: it looks like a good RP.

Personality: (3+ lines or picture)
Jack is a warm-hearted boy. He is extremely eager to learn and
is always there for a troubled person. Always talking about his missing
father, he swears he would never miss a lesson or a chance to study more on Pokemon.


Starter: (Any basic pokemon)

Eevee Evolution: Flareon

Fossil Pokemon: (See reserved) Shieldon

Mini Legendary: (See reserved) Metagross

Baby Pokemon: (No two of the same) Smoochum, Tyrogue

Random Pokemon: (You choose what you want!) marshtomp

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