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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

I'm bored, so i am joining random rps. Reserve me.
Name: Zari
Species: Luxray
Aligment: Red rose, really a spy from White Rose.
Distuinging Marks: A scar on the front left leg.
Attacks: Charge, Spark, Thunder Fang, Bite.
Bio: As an orphan, Zari never knew her parents. They were murdered by a pack of Scyther, and they were killed. Zari only recived a small scar on her leg. When she was five she saw a Cyndaquil fighting with a Scyther. They then walked away from each other, and Zari asked what happened. The Cyndaquil explained everything. Zari asked to be part of the crew, and the leader accepted. Zari is the one that can only really understand Maxs. She pertended to join red rose, but she is really a spy, reporting everything to Maxs.
あたまの はなかざりの かおりには リラックスさせる こうかが ある。ていれを なまけると かれてし まう。

The aroma from the flower decoration on it's head has a relaxing effect. It will wither if it is not cared for.

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