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Originally Posted by mew_baby90 View Post
I need some opinions on how to make my deck better if it is needed

promo latios x1 latios x1 promo latias x1
latiasx1 promo mew x1 dark celebi x1 jirachi x1 delta species deoxys x1
deoxys regular (ex deoxys)x1 deoxys defencex1 deoxys attack x1 lugia x1
ho-ohx1 rayquaza (ex deoxys)x2 rocket's mewtwo x1 original mewtwo x1 movie promo mewtwo x1 team magma's groudon x1 team aqua's kyogre x1

total x 20

steel energy x1 dark energy x1 fire energy x5 fighting energy x4 water energy x4 thunder energy x4 grass energy x2 psychic energy x11

total x32

bill's teleporter x2 here comes team rocket! x1 bill x1 item finder x1 team aqua ball x1 computer search x1 team magma ball x1

total x8
its good i just suggest that you take out the dark celibi because dark pokemon usually stink and their HP is low and theit attacks are low. Well what do i know.
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