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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: Yikes, things are slowin' down round here. Let's get moving everybody!

IC: I'm not a coward, I convinced myself. Gabumon's the one who wants to stay here, not me. He's to scared to even face the master after our escape display. But that's what it had been, our retreat, not his. And if he wanted to enjoy the Physical World for a little longer what right did I have to stop him? Besides, it would be a nice vacation from fighting and plotting and all the other self-centered activities our master engaged in daily.

Gabumon sat in the a corner of our rooftop, sitting against a massive air vent that was realinging copious quantities of hot air. I sat down next to him and asked softly, "Fine, you really want to stay here for a couple days?" Gabu dragged a claw on the surface of the roof, marking it delicately with the same symbol that appeared on his belly. "Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you, okay? I'm just really frustrated right now, I couldn't stand it if he was to take you back because we disobeyed orders!"

In his traditional dry voice he plainly said, "That digimon could never take me away from you. We're staying together, no matter what he says or does." Here we were, supposed to be servants, and now we were talking ill about our lord. I had always though Gabumon loyal to the master before. It seemed I had been mistaken. "When he took you into his home to show you your digimon, it wasn't an act of kindness. He was afraid of you, Regi, afraid of all the digidestined to come into his world. The only reason he treated you kindly was because of past digiworld history, bad digimon who attack the digidestined always seem to fail. He needed to earn your loyalty. That's why he let you pick a digimon from his court."

"Then why'd he let you come with me?" I asked curiously, "Wouldn't he want a digimon more loyal to him by my side? That would influence me more to permanently stay with him. If he was so intent on winning me over he would have stuck me up with DemiDevimon or something, right?"

Gabumon inhaled deeply, "I have a story for you..."
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