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Default The Shadow Eaters

In the peaceful town of Littleroot, something sinister is about to hatch. From deep within an abandoned home, a government work site has been placed. The government is known to the public as "P.G.A", or, Pokemon Government Agency. The public believes that the P.G.A. is a pokemon loving facility who saves abandoned Pokemon and raises them. But, of course, this was wrong. For the past five years, the P.G.A. have been abducting pokemon, and turning them into something evil, and powerful. In fact, it was so powerful as to escape the Facility unharmed. This is next to impossible, because of the Security systems being so harsh. "Project Black Light" is what they called the creations. The creatures feed on darkness and shadows. By now, you've figured, some one must have noticed them. Wrong, again. For strange reasoning, only Pokemon can actually see these creatures. They appear as regular pokemon to humans.

Fifteen Black Lights have escaped, and the security is just barely holding the remainder of the Black Light. The P.G.A. must stop the creatures, for if they spread, the world is doomed. If even just one of the Black Lights are alive during the Harvest Moon, it will absorb the powers and become impervious. The P.G.A. has chosen a select group of trainers for this task, whether it be Pokemon Handiling or Technological reasons.

Sign Up:

Name: (First last)

Age: (15 - 45)

Appearance -

Bio/History -

Reason for being Hired:

Pokemon: (No legends/shinies/invulnerables)

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