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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

Well, make the Bio a bit more, and I just realized I forgot my SU xD

Name: Ellen Fisher

Age: 20

Appearance - Ellen is a tall girl with Hazel Eyes. She wears large glasses over them, though. Her hair is long and black. She wears a white shirt with a pink jacket, white pants, and blue shoes. She keeps her Pokeballs on her red belt.

Bio/History -Ellen was born in Lavaridge Town, and was raised in a family dedicated to Tai-Quan-Doe. She trained in a gym for 10 years, and became a black belt. Her family did not believe in Pokemon Battling, except for in tournaments like actual humans have. One day, she caught a Pidgey, but she had it live in the nearby forest. Soon, she left home and became a powerful trainer. She studied in Pokemon Healing Herbs, and has a small shop in Cerulean. She sells cures for all disease and has herbs that revive pokemon. She has won both the Hoenn and the Johto Pokemon League.

Reason for being Hired: Ellen has won the Hoenn and the Johto Pokemon Leagues.

Pokemon: Quilava, Clefairy, Breloom, Pidgeot


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