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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

I don't really consider odd coloured pokemon shiny. I feel that each pokemon deserves an a little tweaking to their appearance in order to make them unique. Also, I broke your legendary rule, but I can tell you now that the Kyogre is absolutely useless in combat (as it's only a four-year old).

Nice idea, by the way. It seemed like one of the only ones suitable to put one of my favourite RP characters into. His pokemon are, unfortunately, set in stone.

Name: Dimitri "Saint" Locust (22)


Dimitri's eyes and hair are as dark as they get, but his skin has become rather tanned after several years of living
in the arid Pyrite Village of Soyo. On his face you can easily see the stress that he has accumulated over the last few
years of his life. He used to wear his hair spiked, but now has stopped because of all the wasted time it has cost him;
to keep up with appearances when he returns to Hoenn, he may begin to re-spike it. Dimitri has worn all black
clothing for the greater period of his life. He hasn't been seen without wearing his trenchcoat in years, even
though he's been living in a desert. He has a weather-worn glove with the rocket insignia, though he has exitted the
organization after an abysmal failure four years ago.

In the past, Dimitri was ruthless and cared for naught but his pokemon. He was a great tactitian and a powerful ally and enemy in all situations. He was not quick to anger, and concealled his feelings well. Unfortunately, one of his pokemon only pretended to be his ally, and stabbed him in the back (almost literally). Now he has become prone to submissive behaviour or over-emotional outbursts. This newly aquired view on life led him to become on of the local 'crazies' of Pyrite Town. He loves to read, and often immerses himself in mountains of books. He enjoys the company of novel characters and information over that of other people.

Born and raised to one of the more prominent families in Saffron, Dimitri was expected to become a success at an early age. His family owned more than 50% of Silph Company and had little time for him. At an early age Dimitri fell in with the wrong crowd in displays of rebellion. After he developed friends in the crook business, young Locust soon became a big figurehead in crime - leading his own criminal organization for almost ten years. In order to accomplish one of his more ambitious goals, he eventually joined Team Rocket. His plans in Sootopolis were twarted by an organization determined to retain peace in Hoenn, likely the same one that's trying to recruit him now. Since that day four years ago Dimitri had lived in Soyo, but surprises came to him there as well. He was gifted with the great gaurdian of the sea, Kyogre, who helped him bring rain to the dry lands of Pyrite Village where he lives to this day.

Reason for Hiring:
Dimitri was ruthless in battle since he was a child. Though he has never earned a gym badge of any kind or attempted an Elite Four challenge he is well known for his skills in battle. Team Rocket referred to him as their "Saint Locust", and though he despised the name and their company it brought him much fame throughout the lands. He is also very adept in matters of technology, and knows a thing or two about the minds of the illogical and insane.

Octillery (Female)
Distinguishing Traits: Octillery bears twin scars over her otherwise beautiful face. They are located over her left eye.
Personality: Calm and collected, Octillery provides emotion support to Dimitri when he needs it the most.
History: She was saved by Dimitri when he found her in Blackthorn Mountains. Since then they have always been together.

Destruction the Kangaskhan (Male)
First off, he's not a girl. Destruction doesn't carry an infant with him, but he does carry vengeful eyes for all humans but Dimitri. :Distinguishing Traits
Loyal to a fault, Destruction obeys any order by Dimitri even if he has a better way to deal with a situation. :Personality
His child and mate were sadly taken to the Kanto Safari Zone where they were caught by an abusive trainer. The mother and child fought to get away :History
from the boy, seriously injuring him. Though Dimitri pled the case to courts, the two other Kangaskhans were put to sleep becasue of what was thought to be aggressiveness on their part.
Demise II the Lairon (Female)
Distinguishing Traits: She has blood red irises, and her body appears to have a greater concentration of metal in it than others of her species.
Personality: Demise doesn't trust people. She has been convinced that everyone other than her trainer is violent and intends her harm.
History: Provided to Dimitri as a gift for joining the Rocket Organization. She was serverly abused while an Aron.

Sorrow the Kyogre (Female)
A four-year old baby. This whale pokemon is still small, and will take a century to fully mature. :Distinguishing Traits
She delights in everything she does, never realizing harm done by her actions. Sorrow loves the chance to play in water and sunshine. :Personality:
Her only known parent is Dimitri; even after he released her to the wild thinking it would be safer, Sorrow returned. In order to do this she had to :History:
cross the great desert of Soyo.

Malice the Umbreon (Male)
Distinguishing Traits: No noticeable differences exist to differ Umbreon from any other of its race.
Personality: Malice is a helpful soul, doing all he can to become friendly with Dimitri's other pokemon. He is usually pushed around by the others.
History: Malice was a pet from Dimitri's early life in Kanto. Two years ago he arrived at his Pyrite Village home in a kennel, no one left a message with him.

Tyranny the Murkrow (Female)
Rather than black, this Murkrow possesses white feathers. Both Tyranny's eyes and tail scrunchee are sapphire blue in colour. :Distinguishing Traits
Tyranny doesn't seem to have any personality of her own, but is rather an extension of Dimitri's. The bird is eccentric and emotional. :Personality
When the Rockets disbanned, many pokemon were left behind at old HQs. Tyranny was one of these pokemon, she flew in search of Dimitri, knowing :History
that he would take her under his wing.
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