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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
I got my sign-up here..
I said I MIGHT.. but now you know I AM..

Name: Kyron
Species: Abomasnow
Allignment: White Rose
Distinguishing Marks: His green bits are actually White, so he's all White.
Attacks: Blizzard,Ice Beam,Pound,Earthquake
Bio: Kyron joined the White Rose because they were..well..white, and he was all white too. He despises anyone who is with the Red Rose, and has amassed a large group of friends and companions amongst the masses of the White Rose. He is bubbly and lively, and he smiles at most things.

Name: Xilor
Species: Arcanine
Allignment: Red Rose
Distinguishing Marks: His whole body is Red, not Orange. Even his tail is Red.
Attacks: Flamethrower,Bite, Takedown,Agility
Bio: Xilor is the biggest and baddest Arcanine of the entire Red Rose empire(uh.. not really an empire XD..but Xilor thinks it is.. so ssh..).Xilor is the most evil pokemon ever alive, and he absolutely despises the White Rose weaklings. Xilor is greatly trusted by the Red Rose's leader, and he happily serves the Red Rose. Xilor has very few friends.

I have a fully white pokemon as White Rose.. and a fully Red one as Red Rose =D..
Kaioo, you know that your pokemon both have to trust My charry, since she's a spy from White rose, reporting everything from red rose to white rose. My charry's done, by the way.
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