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Talking Re: Pokemon RP: In Da Streets of Pyrite Town

Name: Jason
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Umbreon,Crobat8(Clone),Mewtwo or Blaistoise...
Occupation: Leader of Unit MW22D of the Pokemofia
Bio: Jason,is a Leader in the Pokemafia,he loves dark pokemon and when he heard of shadow he thought they were stronger dark Pokemon,He singed up and was a good guy but the another Leader's Hypno disconfigured his mind,he became Dark,after he caught a MewTwo they had to turn it dark,but as they tried the machine malfunctioded and Jason fell in and his Dna morphed with MewTwo's and he got aDark Clone named Sheen,Sheen is currently frozen in ice,and the Shadow machine is brocken for the moment so Jason is Stealing Govermant Dat to make a better one...

The secret is the answer
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