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Default Re: Pokemon- The war of the roses.

Sounds cool. I've finished my Sign Up. Hope to be accepted.
Name: Apollo
Species: Minun
Alignment: White Roses
Appearance: A Regular Minun figure and weight.
Distinguishing Marks: Apollo has golden fur where it's usually blue, and then tanned where it's usually cream color. He also has only one eye, his right, and wares an eye patch over the other.
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Agility, Iron Tail, Swift, and Sing (( <--- Breeding Move that he hardly uses ))
Bio: Apollo was born with the ability to Sing at will and put foes to sleep. He was raised up, and somewhat disliked, around his color. He was said to have sun powers, but he actually only knew Thunderbolt since birth also. He was then sent to the Red Roses, but he didn't like the awful manners and cruel behavior of the generals and members of the army, so Apollo ventured out towards White Rose territory to become a member of their army and help their cause. It was a difficult trial to come out on top of and finally it was decided that Apollo was allowed to join the army and not executed, but would the members accept him or not? He could only hope it was the first.
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