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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

Shadow looked towards Nikki, nodding her away. She looked down at the Pachirisu and smiled. then glanced into the restaurant. She hadn't entered it yet, and she didn't exactly feel comfortable doing so.

"Well, this makes two, we need two more," SHadow smiled, "Who are we missing? Skye and Aaron?"


"Pull up! Pull up!" Aaron called as another Pidgeot (Nikki's had flown down. His own Pidgeot spiraled upwards, then circled the Pokemon Center.

"Wonder what's goin' on?" Gardevoir murmured, watching someone walk into the building. Aaron shook his head.

"I dunno," He answered, "But I don't feel all that comfortable with going down there. Last time we did that we nearly got shot off Tropius."

"OK, so what do we do now?" Gardevoir asked, "Wait up here for an invite to come in?"

"No," Aaron replied, he looked down at the building again, "We might as well go for it. If things don't go well, we'll be able to get out easily, I think."

"So're we goin' in?" Pidgeot asked. Aaron smiled and nodded.

"Yep," The boy answered, he pushed back his hair from his face, "Let's go." Pidgeot started to dive downward. Aaron looked straight ahead, he braced himself as Pidgeot braked and landed softly. Gardevoir was gripping Aaorn's stomach so hard he could hadly breathe.

"Ease up, girl," Aaron gasped, "I can't breathe." Gardevoir let go and looked around, nothing looked familiar. But at the same time, it felt familiar...

"It's hard to believe that this where it all started," Gardevoir whispered as she slid off of Pidgeot, "Everything seems so, so-"

"So quiet?" Aaron finished. Gardevoir nodded and looked towards the door as Aaron returned Pidgeot. She cautiously walked up to it.

"It won't bite you," Aaron called. Gardevoir stuck her tongue out at him.

"But whatever's inside might."

"Who said anything about anyone being inside?"

"I did."

"Oh I see," Aaron smiled and walked over to her. He looked around, as if someone were watching him. Gardevoir pressed close to him, her body was shaking.

"You feeling OK?" Aaron asked, Gardevoir merely nodded. Aaron smiled, but all the same, he put his hand over a Pokeball. Aaron opened the door slowly, he stepped inside and looked around. He saw a boy, a girl, a Pachirisu and a odly colored Gardevoir. Aaron recognized the Gardevoir immediately, as well as the girl, but he didn't recognize the boy. Aaron stepped further inside, he realized Gardevoir was not with him. He turned to see his Pokemon standing outside.

"Aren't you coming?" Aaron asked, Gardevoir ran over and nervously hid behind him. "There's nothing to be scared of," Aaron said gently, "See? Nikki and Shadow are here." Gardevoir looked out from behind her trainer, her muscles relaxed as she gave them both a friendly smile.

"What're you two doin' here?" Aaron asked.

"Because my master came, and so did I," Shadow answered, "And who might you be?"

Aaron was taken aback, then he remembered that he looked very different a month ago, his brown hair was now darker, he'd allowed it to be cut, but only a tiny bit. His clothing was also very different. Aaron glanced at gardevoir, who was trying to hold back giggles.

Let her guess. Gardevoir telepathed to him. Aaron smiled and looked back at Shadow.

"I'll give you three guesses."

"Oh joy," Shadow rolled her eyes, "How should I know?! You're a trainer, I know that."
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