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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

Aaron looked at the new girl, he smiled politely, as did Gardevoir.

"Hi," Aaron replied. His Pikachu waved cheerfully. Aaron looked at Shadow once more.

"Any guesses?" He asked. Shadow nodded.

"Yes," Shadow said gently, she glanced into the restaurant, then back at Aaron, "You're Aaron, are you not?"

"'Course he is!" Pikachu exclaimed, it looked up at Aaron, "Does she have amnesia?" Aaron laughed.

"No, little one," Aaron replied, "I just look different, that why she didn't recgonize me."

"I would think 'look different' is a major understatement," Shadow snorted, "Sheesh, kid, what happened to you?" Aaron looked at Gardevoir.

"I would say who, but then I'd probably get smacked."

"Gardevoir wouldn't smack you, Lorielle helped with it, too," Pikachu pointed out. Shadow smiled.

"Where is that girl of energy?" Shadow asked suddenly.

"She's at a Pokemon Academy," Aaron replied, "She left this morning."

OOC: Yeah, I'm leaving Lorielle out of this one.
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