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Default Re: Pokemon: In The End

OOC: Short posts Sorry guys, been listening to radio.. FOOTBALL!

D'aru stared out of the restaraunt, before sighing, and walking out.
He quickly noticed the whole gang was here.
"Glad everyone could make it." D'aru said, bowing.
Karl stood outside the Big Building, in Human Form.
-So this is what the Tyrannitar are doing?- Karl thought,-Making a tourist resort? Bah.-
With that, Karl walked off, before sprouting wings, and flying off.

OOC: I can speak a language you don't know.. LOL!

E ys Detic. Caan uv Cbeny.

So vneahtc yna muhk cehla tayt. E muja oui sucd taynmo Rysyhiny.

E ys y tayn vneaht uv Goma. Y Cysinye, uv dra knaydacd lydankuno.

E ruba oui mecdah lmucamo, tayn vneaht. E ys Detic.

Detic, vnus uha Druicyht Oaync yku.

Ryem Cbeny.
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