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Default Re: Pokemon RP: In Da Streets of Pyrite Town

Name: Ryuk. (he doesn't know his last name)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Pokemon: espeon, chaos porygon-Z (by chaos I mean a stronger version of shadow)gallade
Occupation: Felon (Expert robber, and head of the tech division or pokemafia)
Bio: He was the son of a world renound scientis.(this is unknown to him) but he was abandoned since he was the product of a mistress.(meaning his dad cheated and was ashamed since he was actually married) he was dropped in the streets of pyrite town. He brought himself up. He is amazingly smart for living in the streets. The sword he carries is a device to turn normal pokemon into chaos pokemon by simply attacking them.He also uses it to kill enemies.
Black: 3052-7116-5057
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