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Name: xDesires-Lovex (Espeon Rinage)
First Ever URPG Join Date: 1st of January 2005
xDesires-Lovex URPG Join Date: 29th of October 2007
Status: Trainer and Ref.
Glory!: Ex Gym Leader x6, Best URPG WAR Patricipent (2006; Team Aqua) and Most badges in one day award. (5 Badges)

URPG Details:

Money: $23500
Battles: 15
Battle Record: (12/3/0)
FFA: 2. 4/6. ?/?
Badges(Kanto): -
Badges(Jhoto): -
Badges(Hoenn): -


Gender: Male
Trait: Arena Trap
Special Moves: -
Battles: 15 (12/3/0)

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