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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Davion Sargtlin
Besaid Island

It felt rather odd the be referred to as 'Dark Knight', but Davion figured it was as good a way as any to single himself out amongst the three of them. 'Not White Mage' was just plain stupid, although 'Dude' or anything along that effect would have sufficed as well. He was not going to complain though, as least he had not chosen to shout anything offensive or generally less intelligent instead, upon which Davion would probably have felt obliged to murder him like a Dark Knight would. An Alchemist would not stand a chance at all, at any rate, which was probably going to be a good thing if any internal conflicts occurred any time soon. He would be able to solve them with a bit of weight throwing, which was always a boon if it ever came close to coming to blows.

"Yes? Alchemist? My name is Davion by the way."

He turned around and watched as the Alchemist caught up, a small smile flickering across his face. That solved the problem of one of the two fellows still on the beach, although there were still some slight downsides to the whole thing with him awake and running around. To his logical mind, it had to do with spreading out the Cures, although it was slightly offset by mixtures. To his less logical mind, he was just being generally illogical. Although it was nice, having another male to talk to. At least they would probably have closer opinions on the whole Final Fantasy issue at hand, and battles would probably be slightly more manageable, but he was stereotyping now.

We could do with a Black Mage... He randomly thought as he let his eyes fall on each of the party for half a second.
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