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Default Re: Jackson's Judging Book Thingy ^^;

Contest Started - 22nd October, 2007
Contest Ended - 29th October, 2007

Normal Rank
Beauty Contest
Standard Contest

Poltergeist VS Spinarak Craney VS Diesel 34 VS Nobodys Nerd

Poltergeist - Lanturn
Spinarak Craney - Horsea
Diesel 34 - Glaceon
Nobodys Nerd - Lombre

Comments on the contest:

Alrighty... Pokeblocks! Horsea had a whopping 134 Pokeblock points, and Lombre scored 67 with his.

Glaceon did really well all the way through the contest, ending up with the highest Secondary Round Points. Everyone else seemed to change position a few times. Lanturn seemed to be doing well at the start, but quickly fell behind.

Glaceon had a huge lead at the end, but Horsea snuck in with a win due to Pokeblocks. Glaceon fell second, with Lombre 3 points behind. Lanturn came last, but was a good competitor.


1st - Spinarak Craney and Horsea
2nd - Diesel 34 and Glaceon
3rd - Nobodys Nerd and Lombre
4th - Poltergeist and Lanturn


Spinarak Craney - $2,000
Diesel 34 - $1,500
Nobodys Nerd - $1,500
Poltergeist - $1,000

Me - $2,000

If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

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