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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Now that the line up of fiends were gone, I was happy that a well earned break was now available for the taking. I stuffeled through my pockets until I found a dressphere that gave me the distinct feeling I had when I awoke in Spira. I took it in hand, and soon enough my appearance had changed back to that of a thief. Now I had my legs under control and didn't look like an idiot infront of everyone else.

"That white-haired fellow is over there still. The monsters are gone. I wonder how long he'll take to come over and say hello"

I looked over to where Dende was specifically talking about. Indeed the other white-haired guy was over there. At least I wasn't the only one with an intersting hair colour.

"Well I'd like to know why everyone was a Gunner." I commented. "Wheres the variety in people? Anyway, waiting isn't going to get us anywhere, it looks like were all kinda stuck together until we find out what happened to us."

Now that we had time to think, that was the biggest question that needed answering. Was it a summoning gone wrong? Did our spheres bring us here? Or was it the whole fate thing and we have to save the world or something? Maybe it was all of those but I didn't know, Dende didn't know, heck, no one knew. We had a few options, but then there was one that sparked most interest. It sounded really cliche, but it was worth a shot and might prove to bear friut from our efforts.

"Okay, this might sound crazy, as mostly all my ideas do sound, but since we have no slue how we got here, why don't we look for spheres? They have recored information on them, maybe someone or something brought us here and its recored on a sphere?" I suggested. "Our other options are running around like renegades trying not to get killed, or we find the nearest air ship and go to the closest summoners temple. I think the sphere thing is more productinve because I know there is a sphere in the Zanarkand Ruins."
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