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Default Re: The Middle Ages: Way of Life... RP SU

Name: Fain Jett

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Fain has brown hair, and a tanned face. His hair is quite long, and tangled, and his eyes sparkle multi-coloured. His clothes are tanned, to show he's a Wood Elf, but has the silver belt to show that he's been taught the High Elf Magics. On his belt is a loop for his Jian. His clothes are a T-shirt which has cut corners, and long trousers, which are in tatters at the end. His shoes are simple sandals, and on his back is his Quiver full of arrows, and unstrung bow.

Personality: Fain has a cheerful personality, which can seem rather childish to others. However, behind the smile and sparkly eyes, is a sharp, quick-witted and very intellient mind. He can think faster than most humans, and most Wood Elves. He thinks before actin, and considers life like a game of chess, and that if you play a wrong move, that can ultimately cause your loss. He may not be as good at battling, but is a good thinker.

Type: Wood Elf

Weapons: Jian and Longbow

History: Fain is the son of both a Wood Elf and a High Elf. This isn't rare, but uncommon, as Wood Elves live seperately toHigh Elves. He was brought up witrh Wood Elves, until his father (a High Elf) found him, and took him, when he was 12, to learn the secrets of the Hih Elves. He spent 3 years there, and these years are shrouded in mystery, but when he went back to his family, he looked rather dazed about something, and was, overall, a less of an idiot.

Other: N/A

RP Sample:
Originally Posted by Mewchirio from The Merines 3
Fain ran into the market, and kept glancing back. He thought he was being paranoid, but he could swear someone was following him. He strung his Bow, and kept it ready, in his hands, but nothing happened.

"Maybe I am just being paranoid..."

Suddenly, something lept out at him, with intense speed. He fired an arrow, but the Dark thing just stepped to the side.

"Damn! I should have been more careful. I really didn't want to do this..."

He drew his Jian, and stood in a stance, sword pointing at the Dark thing
Fain attacked, Slicing at it, and it was wounded, and drew back into the shadows.


Fain put back his Jian, and ran into the busy streets.


Fain ran past a man of 'mid 20's' who was watching a group. Fain shivered as the man walked over to a gate but put his backpack down onto the grass. He didn't like the look of him! He ran into the shadows and decided to watch the group from there
AQUA, sorry! I forget...

Next character:

Name: Yin (last name unknown)

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: Yin has black hair, and pale skin, with pointy ears. Her eyes are grey, and stare deeply into her. Her clothes are drab, and trail far behind her. They're black, with a jewel encrusted belt, which has pouch for the shuriken, and a band for the Jian. Across her back is her quiver, with the usually unstrung Longbow, and the arrows are unusually sharp. Her clothes are immaculate, and her hair is long and falls behind her shoulders.

Personality: Yin is a quiet Dark Elf, and has alot of power emanating from her. She can be courageous, but only if its for the side of good. She has hatred running through her, and lets her emotions control most of her. She's sharp, and intelligent, but mainly relies and her weapons, rather than her mind. That, can often be her downfall, and one day may cost her, her life.

Type: Dark Elf

Weapons: Longbow, two handed sword and some Hira shuriken

History: She can perform little magic, unlike most of her kind, but she relies on her agility, past those that are human standards. Most Dark elves are gifted in nothing but magic and strength, she has neither. She was brought up with other kind, and then after an incidence happened, she disappeared completely

Other: N/A

RP Sample: See above

Hope that'll do!


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