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Default Pack Creatures

The Pack Creatures are the packs of Pokemon that have been warring for years, unnoticed by most humans. After centuries of brutal fighting acroos all of the regions, the mighty Palkia moved all Pack Creatures to the Johto region, to be dealt with by Suicune, Entei and Raikou.
Peace never came.
In fact, the war escalated, and all Pack Creatures were organized into four groups over time, three led by the legendary dogs.

Pack Creatures:
All Eevee Evoloutions
(If you can suggest anymore, I'll edit them in)


The Hammer Claws
Led by Raikou.
Made up of: Mostly Jolteon, many Leafeon and Espeon, few Mightenya.
Unique Trait: Raikou causes all Hammer Claws tails to permanently bristle up.
Special Ability: Can convert any energy to electricity. (That includes kinetic)

The Hammer Claws stopped caring about humans, and claming cities as territory has been very problematic for the Auroal, who want to keep the war a secret. Are currently dominating Johto.

The Ember Fangs
Led by Entei.
Made up of: Mostly Flareon and Houndoom, many Umbreon, few Mightenya.
Unique Trait: Self-made scar behind left ear.
Special Ability: Can stomp and make a volcanic earthquake.

The Ember Fangs are under constant attack from The Hammer, and are scrambling to get new territory.

The Auroral
Led by Suicune.
Made up of: Mostly Vaporeon, many Glaceon and Umbreon.
Unique Trait: Light blue spots on toungue.
Special Ability: Can launch distracting bubble attacks from fur.

Care little of winning the war, only to eliminate it. Are strategically attacking The Ember, currently.

The Apocalyptic
Clans of Absol and Umbreon, separate from the other three groups. Enraged by the legendary dogs, they wreak havok on all of Johto.
They reside in the Dragon's Den.


Controlled by Auroal:
The Ilex Forest
The Whirl Islands
National Park
Ruins of Alph

Controlled by Ember:
Lake of Rage
Mt. Mortar
Union Cave
Slowpoke Well

Controlled by Hammer:
Ice Path
Violet City

If you have any ideas for Pokemon that should be Pack Creatures, PM me.

Sign-Up Sheet:

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Alliance: (Follow Guidelines)

Appearance: (You'll have to be creative. Make your Pokemon special!)



Unique Traits:

1. Basic Pe2k rules apply. Duh.
2. No bunnying or god-modding. (More below)
3. Some people seem to like to RP with *cringe*... "Romance".
Fine, whatever just keep it Disney level.
4. Be literate. Don't type like an idiot. I didn't do it there, and I could've to make a point.
5. I will only allow 1/4 of players to be apocalyptic. Plus one extra Apoc.
6. I got rid of the rule that was here. It's now a space filler.
7. No loafing.
8. Don't quit on me. I will track you down and hurt you....
9. Reservations last three days.

Spaces (May Expand)

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