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Species: Totodile (?)

Name: Phelot

Gender: Male

Alliance: The Auroral

Appearance: Dark grey eyes, and rarely shows emotion. A black mark behind his left ear, and has little specks of black on other areas of his body. A long scar covers the left of his chest.

Personality: A bit of a joker, Phelot is rather Absolicots easygoing, but is always ready for battle. He is more strategic in battle rather than in times of ease, but others don't mind this....usually.

History: Avenging his father, who was killed valiantly fight the Hammer's, he hopes to be as good as him one day. He doesn't see much in himself, however, and lives in a small, own-made hut by the river, which everyday since he was 5, jumps in to get ready.

Unique Traits: A very piercing and intimidating glare.
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