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Alliance:The Ember Fangs

Appearance: He can Change Color's Depending on his mood,and can can transform into any other dark pokemon(depending on the apperance depends the amount of time(Umbreon=3 days while Darkrai=1 hour)

Personality:He can be very annoying,He is very tough yet can't use it,he acts brave but is a scared cat,he is very annoying and loves to sing.He is also a geniose but dan't use it cause it randomly comes and goes,and is sometimes a perve

I don't Know
He was a theif and pesent as a child like Aladin until he might Lizzy the Lopunny and quite his ways for her only to be killed by a member of team darkness since then he has seeked his vengance,he alsso speaks 5 launges,likes adult movies,can be a perve,and is fun,loyal and annoying,Is a person who acts brave but is a scaredy cat,and says random stuff and quotes movie and tv show lines as
I don't know
from Gir and SpongeBob

Unique Traits: He has a weird marks on his back wich stay even if he transforms also changes color's like he does it is always the invert though,he also has a Wynaught that rides on his back dressed in french clothes that attacks when he hears the word BOLAGNA(BAH-LOG-NAH)

The secret is the answer
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