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Originally Posted by DarkLugiaMaster Gir View Post
I was just about to ask sorry i can't answer this but not just legendaries are ubers cause Wobbufetts an Uber
My point exactly. The definition of an "Uber" is ANY pokemon that has a total Base Stat sum of 600 or more. The fact that Palkia, Groudon, ect. are "Ubers" is obvious. Out of spite (and curiosity), I decided to look into Salamence and Garchomp (now, anyone who's read my posts already know I hate the hell out of them). I went to good ol' and decided to add up Salamence's Base Stats... wait... could it be... 600 total!? What about Garchomp? ... NO WAY!! 600 total, also!? But wait, I could swear that people claim to use these pokemon in "S-standard competition". Could it be that people are are liers, or were just horibly miss-led? But if Salamence and Garchomp aren't to be considered "Uber", then THAT means my Manaphy is clear of charge, and can be used in standard play! Oh, wait... Manaphy is an "Uber"? But... it's total Base Stat sum is 600 on the dot! What does this all mean, people!?
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