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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

Originally Posted by DragonLovaFlygon101 View Post
Exophi, Moonlight, and DarkLugia are all accepted. Exophi, don't make me regret making that exception. Still waiting for a bit more info for the first poster, though.

Sorry I haven't been on, i gotta catch up on some stuff. But, soon I should be posting alot more.

Golden-Silver: PENDING

Exophi: I really enjoyed reading your sign up.

DarkLugia: I hope to god that you don't really spell like that in my rp.

Hopefully i get some long-posters, I dont want this rp to die because of a few lazy writers. . .
You shouldn't be to worried about the Kyogre, it's small enough to still be a lap pokemon! Kyogres don't fully mature for at least two centuries (in my mind). Thanks for the comment!

I've never let an RP die easily before, this would be the first!
Neo Pikachu: Evil people ALWAYS laugh better.
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