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Default Re: [RP] Digimon Severance

The little guy slept for hours, and though I had heard noises from around us (far off in the distance, mind you), I hadn't moved from the spot since Gabumon had fallen into his deep slumber.

The poor guy must be so tuckered out... I can't imagine having such a strong urge to protect someone... I mean, honestly. Just from what I saw on the airstrip... this is gonna have to be tough on him. I looked down at him fondly. No one had ever wanted to protect me before, even though there were many things that I may have wanted to have been protected from. Childhood memories passed back into my mind... ones that made me shiver in discomfort. No, things are different now. Look at me! I'm in another world! I'll never have to go back to that living hell... Right? My look soon became worried as I thought about that. He was so bothered about taking me to this world... will he try and send me back if the time ever comes? He said that there was something that needed to be done... What does that mean?

Almost two hours had passed before I realised that one of the sounds around us was approaching rapidly. I started a bit in this realisation, then nudged Gabumon into wakefulness. "Hey!" I pestered. "There's something coming!"

He jumped up from his sleep, landing on his hind legs on the grass below. "What is it?" he asked hurriedly. Before I could repeat myself, though, his ears perked up and he quickly whipped around to the direction it was coming - directly behind the rock I had been leaning on. I had since stood up in alarm, and he quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me around another large boulder, away from the direction the sounds were coming from. "Keep quiet..." he said in a hush.

I did just that, and the sound that I had thought to be close got much louder, and then it stopped, waiting for something, apparently.

After a tense silence, the sound started to go away, and I started to breathe easier. Gabumon put his hand on my leg, obviously a bit worried himself from what had been coming. "It was a Rockmon," he whispered. "He must've caught out scent in a stray breeze. Stupid creatures... either he couldn't figure out that we had moved, or he lost interest."

"So pretty much the ADD of digimon, huh?" I asked with a grin. Gabumon merely cocked his head in confusion. "Oh come on! That was funny! Ah well... I'll try not to say mean things like that then..."

"We need to get somewhere safer," Gabumon urged, pulling me once again. "Somewhere that digimon won't easily find our scent and that they won't happen upon us either."

"Is there anywhere that's actually like that?" I asked in surprise.

Gabumon smiled. "I hope you're not afraid of heights," he uttered lightly.

It took us almost half an hour to get where he led me, but when he did, I understood immediately. We were now standing before a small standing of trees, and all of them were not only excessively thick in leaves, but they also had many pink flowers on them that gave off a very fragrant smell. "So this is the safe haven?" I asked, walking up to the nearest tree and grabbing onto the lowest branch. "Sounds good."

Gabumon smiled, glad that I approved.

I swung my legs up and over the first branch and hung there, reaching down with my arms to grab the little digimon's arms. "Come on!" I said, pulling him up into the tree with me.

We were soon many branches up, me with my legs spread out on either side of the limb for balance, and Gabumon laying on my chest again. Filtered sunlight sone through the few cracks in the leaves. The smell was heavenly, and I was soon woozing off into my own little sleep with what I could now perceive as a giant teddy bear in my lap.

* * * * *

Many hours later, the sun long gone and the moon high in the sky, I would awaken to the sound of a furious beeping from the digivice.

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

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