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Okay sounds fun

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Alliance:Hammer Claws

Appearance:Sparks is not an unsual Jolteon. Sparks has orange fur and not yellow like other Jolteons, Sparks ears are bigger (Which helps he hear better) and big paws. Sparks tail is meduim long, though Jolteons' tails are very small, his are big. Sparks eyes are Skyblue and that whats blends out of him the most besides his long tail.

Personality:Sparks is a smart Jolteon, he's very fast and strong, mostly fast cause of electricity power he uses as a boost. Sparks use brains more than bronze. Sparks is tough and could/can be a little silly some time when no one is watching. Sparks mostly spends his time learning and adventuring through the lands.

History: Sparks has never none his mother or father since he was a baby Jolteon. (Yes an Jolteon, no evee he come from Jolteons okay) But Raikou treats him like his parents would. Whenever Sparks gets in trouble, Raikou always playing around with hime cause he says sometimes that Sparks can get a little to cute with his skyblue eyes. As Sparks grown Raikou involved him to read and to be a smart Jolteon and a strong Jolteon. Raikou never knew that Sparks could absorb electricity, but Sparks did. That also made Sparks very unique in ways besides the way he looks and grows.

Unique Traits:Sparks is very fast on his feet cause of an special reason.
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