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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

Originally Posted by DragonLovaFlygon101 View Post
Sure thing Kaioo, Reserved

Lol, a Lap Kyogre? What has this world come too xD
But, seriously, nice idea.

By the way, call me a girl again and I'll rip your esophogus out through your mouth. Have a nice day :D
-Name-Tai Klomatis (T.K for short)


T.K is about five feet tall with his peach skin. T.K wears baggy dark gray/grey jeans, with an sweater that has blood red sleeves and a blood red hood, the main body part of his shirt is dark blue with an necklace hanging from his neck that hits his chest, with an Master Pokeball ornament. T.K eyes are very dark black, and his hair is very spiky for a sudden reason.

-History-Born in raised in Jhoto since he were ten years old, T.K has always been a good boy who loves pokemon. T.K loves pokemon for there elemental ability. T.K was on his way to get his starter. T.K. had accomplish that goal, as his starter Eevee who he later evovled into a Jolteon and nicknamed him Sparks and had been traveling ever since he got his starter. Though Sparks his Jolteon loves to stay out of the pokeball, and does it regulary.


~Distuinging Marks~
~Unique Traits~
Yes stays out of pokeball.

~Distuinging Marks~
No Marks here strange.
~Unique Traits~

~Distuinging Marks~
Is dark red and not really orange.
~Unique Traits~
Yes is very fast on water.
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