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Default Re: Pokemon RP: In Da Streets of Pyrite Town

Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
"I am more advanced than you, Human." He said, beginning to walk off,"I am A Fallen Angel, which we humans are, but I have grown my wings once more."
Kanderous waved his good wing.
"But I'll never fly again!" Kanderous roared, kicking a dustbin, and sending it flying into the wall.
``Once that wing is healed, wouldn`t you be able to fly again?`` asked Erija, following him. She couldn`t help but feel a bit guilty for what happened. Seems that the girl wasn`t as deatached as she would like herself to think. Not at all. Getting her mind back to the situation, the girl really wanted the man to say ``yes`` and be happy. But, that wasn`t gonna happen, not in this lifetime. ``So`` she chose to return to her original question, ``can I help you``

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