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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Raine Green
Besaid Island

Raine turned back to the others who seemed to be introducing themselves a second time to one of the Alchemists who had suddenly ran after them shouting after the Dark Knight. She wished they would hurry up, she really wanted to get into town. Hopefully they could find out something about what was going on!

She wasn't surprised at the lack of fiends on the beach, after all there never had been many encounters on Besaid in the game. She was quite happy with this, as being a White Mage, there wasn't much she could do to aid in battle, especially as there were already two alchemists and a second White Mage with them. She wished she could change into a different sphere, but she just wasn't sure how to.

"Come on people!" she called, "We can get to know each other later! We need to find out what's happening."

She ran forward a bit and then turned back round, "So do we go the river way or the dryer way?"
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