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Sign-Up Sheet:

Species: Absol =)



Solvus' alliance lie with the Apocalyptic clan, who dispise the Legendary Dogs and their purposes.

Solvus' scythe on its head is tattered due to many battles and continued misuse by his previous trainer. Due to heightened anger, the orb on his forehead has changed from glossy purple to a deep crimson. His fur, instead of being a vibrant white, is instead a light shade of grey and his claws are striped with red. His mane is large and flowing, and the fur on his back is constantly raised.

Young, full of vitality and a thirst for blood, Solvus will rarely back down from a fight. And with his experience on the battlefield, he is a force to be reckoned with. Mainly sneaky and skilled with surprise attacks and ambushes, he is also talented in the tactical department. Although a brute, he has utter loyalty to his pack and will ensure each of them get through missions without injury.

Born a happy Absol from his parents, Solvus was caught away from his family by a trainer who was brutal in his methods of training. Suffering through two years of abuse, he was fnally freed from the ties that bound him by a hoard of raging pokemon claiming the land his trainer lived on. Although mistreated by his master, he sought to avenge his death by joining the new and secret pack Apocalyptic. Due to his talents on the battlefield and his sneaky tactics he soon became second in command, leading every troop he supported to victory.

Unique Traits:
Due to his rigorous training, Solvus can withstand most elemental attacks from his resistance built. He is extremely speedy and exceptional at controlling dark matter. When staing down an opponent for a certain period of time, he can use his powers to petrify the enemy, causing them to turn to stone. His weakness is the respect he has for his allies, and will jump into any sort of situation in order to save his companions.

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