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Default Re: The Shadow Eaters

Exophi may have a legendary – but I can vouch that it’s necessary for the character. Check another, older RP by Danne112, you’ll see that Exophi used the Dimitri character in it and got a Kyogre in the story. And I know him, he likes to keep whatever experiences his characters have in every roleplay.

Exophi’s a good guy, and an excellent roleplayer – trust me, you won’t regret him joining.

* * *
Name: Persephone ‘Percy’ Jesu

Age: 31


Percy is a slim woman, with a long, petite face. One major imperfection are her sunken cheeks, a testament of her trainer days. She has long, black hair that is cut to be layered around shoulder-length. Her eyes are her most prominent feature – one is cold, winter blue, while the other is a warm cinnamon. She is rather slim, but too skinny to be called ‘curvy’, and has rather bony legs.

You can never see Percy without her trademark aviator’s hat, which she has many different designs to switch about daily.

Bio/History: Not even Percy remembers who her parents were; her earliest memory was a hazy one – literally. She recollects flames, a burning castle, screaming people… then nothing.

Her oldest, proper memories came from busking on the streets. She acted, she danced, she sang. And she attracted a talent agent. He hired her to be part of a traveling acting troupe. There were eighteen of them in total, and, being one of the most talented, she normally got the female lead. In a sense, she lived like a star. The troupe never quite gained fame, but Percy would happily tell you that the most interesting time in her life was acting in a re-scripting of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

The troupe was never very successful; they were lucky if they even got ten in the audience, even luckier if they didn’t fall asleep! However, one day, Percy found the most peculiar little audience member: a Ralts, hidden behind a seat, clapping softly to the tune of ‘Skit Road’. Immediately taking a shine onto the Pokemon, Percy began to keep it as a pet and took it with her when the troupe moved on. As he followed her everywhere, she named the little creature Dimitri, which is Russian for ‘follower of Earth’.

Eventually, Percy talked to her director and asked to emancipate from the troupe. Dimitri had given her something: the warm feeling of friendship, and a lust to be a trainer. The director, the same man who had given her deliverance from the street, was sad to let her go, but he knew what it was like to respond to a calling. Before she knew it, she was on the road.

On her own, and starting trainer-life ten years too late, she was often made fun off by other trainers, who were better at battling. She wasn’t much of a battler herself, but found talent for Co-Ordinating. During the Silver cup in Jhoto, she met a breeder boy called Terry, whom she later married, but kept her maiden name of ‘Jesu’. The two, after attending the occasional festival, retired from Pokemon altogether and settled down.

Now, Percy’s been called into work once more: by a mysterious company. And they want something caught…

Reason for being hired: Percy is an amazing actress, with enough talent and skill to trick even the most scrutinizing. Her experience as an actress and a make-up kit at the ready has given her the power to assume many different identities – from an distressed old lady, to a cross-dressing gay man – many of which has come in handy when doing investigations.

Pokemon: They’re all guys. And the only one that truly belongs to Percy is Dimitri.


Dimitri is a small, petulant and childish Ralts. Percy’s ‘starter’ Pokemon and her only Pokemon, he has a strong bond with her, even though he hates to admit it. He rarely battles, but has a talent for smart contests. His gung-ho attitude prevents him from really listens to Percy while he is on stage, however. He enjoys independence and will not hesitate to take a matter into his own hands. Although he is well over the level to evolve, Dimitri refuses to do so, preferring his current form to any evolution.

His name, ‘Dimitri’, is Russian for ‘Following Earth’, and Persephone in mythology’s role as the goddess of Nature and Seasons.


A Pokemon Percy’s husband ordered to follow his wife, in order to keep her safe. Crobat was Terry’s first Pokemon. As with his belief that all Pokemon are equal to humans and naming them is degrading, Crobat doesn’t have a name, and neither does he respond to any. Being the Pokemon of a breeder, Crobat is incredibly well groomed and rather charming. He normally ignores most praises, in a manner many have deemed rude. As distant and detached as he is, he is loving, shy and often empathic towards close friends, and has a soft spot for Percy. He is the only Pokemon, other than Dimitri, who encouraged her marriage to Terry.


A calm, aloof Pokemon, Nevermore rarely listens to Percy. Mainly because he doesn’t belong to Percy. Like Crobat, he is a Pokemon belonging to her husband but respects only him. He is commanding, and very demanding, as he sees himself as the one in charge. He may not be very empathic, but he is one of the oldest and wisest in the team, and other Pokemon are respectful of him. He keeps the rest of Percy’s otherwise unruly team in check most of the time.

His unusual nickname comes from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe (whom the term ‘Poem’ was coined after) called ‘The Raven’. As her husband never names his Pokemon, only Percy uses the nickname, as a sign of affection. Normally, she says the name so fast, it sounds more like ‘Nemur’, an unfeeling, hardhearted doctor in a play: ‘Flowers for Algernon’.

Lines from Nevermore:

What did this grim, ungainly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore
Meant in croaking `Nevermore’?
"The time has come," the Walrus said,

"To talk of many things:
Of shoes—and ships—and sealing-wax—
Of cabbages—and kings—
And why the sea is boiling hot—
And whether pigs have wings."
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