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Default Re: Just making sure...

Originally Posted by Fire Away View Post
No. Jirachi, Celebi, Shaymin, Cresselia, Azelf etc., aren't ubers, and they're legendaries.

And Pickleboy, you can't just say, 'well if we ban Tail Glow and Rest from Manaphy, it could be OU!', because that quickly becomes, 'if we just ban Extremespeed, Dragon Dance, Outrage and Earthquake, he could be used in OU!'

See how ridiculous it gets? :/
I never suggested such a thing. Pokemon will have what they will have, and I do not wish to change that at all. It just seems so prejudice to other Pokemon and unfair to competitors to classify Pokemon in this way (not to mention really ridiculous). When you classify Pokemon this way, it's usually going to make people choose "stronger" pokemon rather than their favorites (Salamence and Garchomp, for example). I have a tougher time beating my cousin who uses a Pidgeot ( who I'm sure is neither "Uber" or "OU") than any other person using a Palkia or Leaf Blade Gallade because my cousin enjoys fighting with what he wants, rather than who he thinks is stronger. Same for me, using Blastoise instead of a billion other better pokemon.

Bottom line is, people need to stop complaining about stupid stuff such as "Ubers" and learn to deal with every situation. That's what makes you a great Pokemon Trainer.
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